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Journal of Animal Diversity publishes original scientific research, not published before or under consideration elsewhere, in the broad aspects of Animal Diversity including: species diversity, genetic diversity, and ecological diversity, with their detailed subaspects:

Species diversity encompasses the taxonomic hierarchy and its components, from individuals upwards to species, genera and beyond (Individuals, Populations, Subspecies, Species, Genera, Families, Phyla, Domains or Kingdoms).

Genetic diversity encompasses the components of the genetic coding that structures, animals and variation in the genetic make-up between individuals within a population and between populations (Nucleotides, Genes, Chromosomes, Individuals, Populations).

Ecological diversity encompasses the scales of ecological differences from populations, through niches and habitats, on up to biomes (Populations, Niches, Habitats, Ecosystems, Landscapes, Bioregions, Biomes) (Based on Gaston and Spicer, 2004).

Systematics, Taxonomy, Diversity, Morphology, Zoogeography, Population, Biodiversity Conservation, Ecology, Phylogeny, Biochemical and Molecular Population Genetics, Cytogenetics, Systems analysis, Modeling, Ecosystem, ...

Journal of Animal Diversity considers papers on all animal taxa, both living and fossil, and especially encourages endemic taxa. The Journal is devoted to the understanding of animal diversity, its conservation and sustainable use and management.

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