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1- Trashigang Territorial Forest Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Tashigang 42001, Bhutan , lam.norbu@ymail.com
2- Ecosystem Management, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
3- Gangkhar Primary School, Trashiyangtse, Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan
4- Trashigang Territorial Forest Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Tashigang 42001, Bhutan
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Hawkmoths are a charismatic, diverse group of moths that are well-studied worldwide. In this study, we explored and presented the first ever comprehensive hawkmoth checklist for Tashigang Forest Division, Bhutan with five new taxa records for the country. We conducted fauna exploration over a period of five years (2017–2021). Data were collected opportunistically from twelve different localities. Online database and the current literature on hawkmoths of Bhutan were referred to for correct species identifications and nomenclature. We recorded a total of 48 species belonging to 23 genera and four subfamilies. Macroglossinae was the most dominant subfamily with 29 species, followed by Smerinthinae with 14 species, Sphinginae with four and Langiinae with one species. Ampelophaga thomasi Kitching and Cadiou, Cechetra subangustata Rothschild, Macroglossum saga Butler, Rhagastis confusa Rothschild and Jordan, and Notonagemia analis R. Felder are here reported as representing five new records to Bhutan. Further investigation in the area and in other parts of Bhutan appear necessary to discover more hawkmoth species and reveal endemism.
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Type of Study: Original Research Article | Subject: Species Diversity
Received: 2021/11/14 | Accepted: 2022/06/28 | Published: 2022/09/30

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